Flasher Bypass Buzzer – TF110RX

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Flasher Bypass Buzzer, Ryder Towing TF110RX

Flasher booster/bulb-failure bypass relay with built-in “tell-tale”.

It is a legal requirement when you fit a towbar to provide some form of warning, either visible or audible, to tell you whether yourtrailer/caravan direction indicators (flashers) are working. For this purpose, a monitoring circuit is built into the TF110R. This detects current being drawn into the unit from the vehicle battery when the trailer flashers are working. When such current is detected, the monitoring circuit generates a signal in the tell tale output, capable of operating a buzzer or a panel lamp. (or the built-in buzzer in the TF110RX)

DampingAlthough relays emit an electro-magnetic pulse when they switch, they are, for the purpose of EMC regulations, regarded as inert. But when they switch many times a minute, as these do, following the operation of a vehicle’s indicators, the frequency of the pulse may contravene some regulations.Because of this, the device has damping circuits or “snubbers” which inhibit such emissions. These damping circuits ensure that these relays will not conflict with the increasingly complex electronics in modern vehicles.