Bradley 50mm Ball Pin & Jaw Ec Type App. 5 Ton

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Bradley, 50mm Ball Pin and Jaw, Ec Type App. 5 Ton. Original Bradley part number V502L

AL-KO part number 185008115

  • Anti-jamming, minimal overhang
  • Compatable with British Standard Eyes (30/40/50mm)
  • Doublelock Mechanism
  • Durable, corrosion resistant cast iron
  • Meets EU standard 94/20EC and Regulation 55

Specifically designed to meet the requirements for mixed trailer fleets, Bradley Universal Couplings are engineered to the highest specifications ensuring optimum safety and security. Bradley Universal Couplings feature a heavy duty, forged towing ball and pin assembly. The stainless steel lanyard cable sheathed in nylon provides improved retention and prevents snagging. Also features a unique primary locking lever and secondary locking pin to ensure safe towing.

Kit Contents

  • Towing Jaw
  • Ball Pin
  • Locking Handle
  • Lanyard
  • Tag
  • R Clip